The Happy Warrior

After producing a number of pieces which I eventually discarded, I have painted a couple of new works that give me renewed confidence that I have not lost "IT."

The most recent is a work titled, The Happy Warrior. It is a highly textured piece that my own mind finds replete with pattern that shows something to me in it that lead to its title. Your mileage may vary, of course. But, I believe, if you let your mind wander across the canvas, you will also see patterns that speak to you, as well. The piece measures 48" x 72" set vertically and is a ONE-OFF painting, like most all my other works.

 The Happy Warrior

The Happy Warrior

The immediately previous piece, which is titled, Down the Rabbit Hole, gives a wonderful 3D effect of a textured field folded in upon itself. The variation in texture across it's width and height make for a piece in which you can easily get lost. It, too, measures 48" x 72" set in landscape orientation, and is also a ONE-OF-KIND piece.

 Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

Contact me if you are interested in acquiring them for your own collection, or for your client's if you are an interior designer or architect.

Notes From The Road #6

Charleston, West Virginia was an unexpected surprise — a left-leaning set of interviewees in a right-leaning state. Everyone I interviewed was "feeling the Bern." On top of that, we were nearly suppressed by a restaurant owner who didn't agree with us about a certain issue. It's all in NFTR #6. Take a listen.

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Louisville Slugs One Outta the Park

What a couple of days! Played catch-up with our old friend, Gary, yesterday and today. It's been nearly 40 years since we saw each other last. Great to reminisce and talk about what we've been doing over the past few decades.

And he helped us out this afternoon with shooting interviews at Cumberland Brews, a small bar on Bardstown Road in Louisville. He made the remark, as we left with all the gear in tow, that "this video stuff makes radio look easy!" He's right. I'm finding this film project — and, particularly, doing it alone — to be the some of the most challenging work I've done.

Tomorrow, after we offload all — or, at least, most — of the equipment in the truck and repack it, we'll tool around Louisville for a while and shoot some B-roll of the city. We haven't really seen a lot of it but what we have has been quite impressive. Louisville is an old city and has some interesting characteristics that give it a unique feel. A couple things that I like a lot are the twisty, windy roads, and the businesses and houses in the area I've stayed (the Highlands) are not square to the street. And most all are zero-lot-line. It's much more interesting than everything built square on.

It's on to Charleston, West Virginia tomorrow afternoon. We need to bone up on the city to learn a bit about it. Maybe we can find some subjects there who are as well-spoken and informed as those in Louisville.

Thanks, Gary, for a wonderful time. You're a wonderful host and an even better friend. I'm really grateful for your help and for giving me space to be a little cranky, a little manic, and a little disorganized. Speaking for myself and not the team, I look forward to the next time we get together.  Hope that's not 40 years away! See you soon, buddy.

Rerouting. . . :p

After some serious calculations concerning our itinerary, we're making a command decision: We're going to say goodbye to Nashville and go directly to Louisville. We've gotten behind, at this point, about three days on our schedule, so something has to give and it looks like it's going to be one of the cities on our original itinerary.

I’m sad to do that, really, but it had to be done. Nashville — and, by the way, it's the first time I've ever been here — is a beautiful city with a heck of a lot going on downtown. However, time constraints being what they are I need to pick up the slack and head on down the road. So that's what I'm gonna do. Nashville will. . .

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"We" Are In This Together

Several people have commented on my use of the editorial "we" as I write about this trip and the film.

In all honesty, this trip and this film could not have happened without the help of a good number of people. I've had people help write the questions that I'm asking the subjects I’m interviewing. I have friends. . .

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Days End at Graceland

Long day. Even with a late start.

Shot some B-roll on Beale St. in Memphis. What an electric downtown. Talked to a couple of cops on duty and though we didn’t record them, they had some interesting things to say about the city government. More on that when we’re not so tired.

Then, on to Days Inn at Graceland. It has not been our best hotel experience ever. . .

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Running Late

Okay, so our itinerary is a tad ambitious. We haven’t quite figured this out yet — the how of doing all this — and it’s taking us longer than we expected. 

That’s normal, we suppose. Nonetheless, it’s frustrating. Combine that with forgetting to pack one of our meds and having to go through a process to get it replaced on the road and I’ve ended up with a bit of a. . . 

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Thar Be Dragons!

We may be out on the edge with this latest addition to our workload but today debuts the new audio update to the 2016 Who Do You Love Tour (WDYL), Notes From The Road.

It's self-explanatory and is less than a minute long. Give it a listen.