Welcome to Our New Homepage

Things change. We've decided to change, too. To go with the flow. Our art has proven to be the most popular page on the site, so we decided to make it the point of entry. The change may not be permanent but we're interested in how it might effect this page and all the others on the site. Enjoy.

Digital Art

Technology has provided a new tool for artists that goes far beyond the brush in its ability to create texture, to create color in new patterns, and to blend those textures, colors, and patterns in ways that were unimaginable prior to its development. That tool, of course, is the computer. And the canvas is made up of the numerous applications available to create art.

While some may disparage my art and the work of other digital artists as being "computer-generated," I think it is they who are the ones who cannot see the future for the past. The computer "generates" art on its own no more than a hundred monkeys in a room full of typewriters could write so much as a single line of a Shakespearian sonnet, much less Hamlet.

So, I invite those who look to past methods in reverence to turn 'round. . . and face the future. You may just like what you see, after all.