Janet’s Still in Control


The SRO Show — Janet Jackson

Janet’s Still in Control

Produced by Lawrence Standifer Stevens

Written by Joseph E. Casanova



2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s breakthrough album Control which generated six hit singles including When I Think of You and What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Control gave Miss Jackson the first of her seven #1 albums including her eleventh CD, Unbreakable, released late last year.

Unbreakable is the first release on her independent Rhythm Nation abel and features hiphop comeback star Missy Elliott of “Work It” fame. And contains the R&B hit "No Sleep” and “Burnitup”.

Her “Unbreakable World Tour” has been put on hold while she ecovers from surgery. But she assures us that it’s not serious.

Control also included the empowering title track, the ballad “Let’s Wait Awhile,” and the sometimes annoying “Nasty”.    

I was a junior in college when my friend Randy received a promo copy to review for the campus newspaper. It caused quite the debate.

I didn’t know the little girl from Good Times could sing,” one guy said.    

When did Willis’ girlfriend from Different Strokes do a record?” another wondered.    

The debate continued when yet asked, “Isn’t she that chick from that TV show Fame?”    

We had forgotten Michael’s little sister was all grown up and on her way to a successful music career. During her stints on TV, she had eleased two previous albums but they didn’t fare well critically or commercially.

Jackson teamed up with superstar songwriters and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on Control, which had helped to establish her independence and assertiveness as an artist.

The collection hit at the right time too since other female singers such as Whitney Houston, Madonna and Patti Labelle ruled the pop charts.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis also collaborated with her on the andmark Rhythm Nation 1814, Janet, The Velvet Rope and even her latest, Unbreakable.

Her extensive catalog ranges from the funky “Miss You Much” to the catchy “All for You” to Vernon Reid’s wailing guitar on “Black Cat.” 

Well, Miss Jackson, what have you done for us lately?