Thank you, all of you who have taken the time to comment on my work. It is deeply appreciated.

And now, for the record. . . 

Lawrence, your work is beautiful, thoughtful and luminous. I admire it greatly.
— Erika Deruaz
So many different emotions! I like your world, Lawrence! Wow! Fantastic work! I really like your photos! You know [how to] create beautiful atmospheres. Congratulations, Lawrence!
— Barbara Monacelli
Trail of Tears resonated with me and The Peak resonated. . . a waiting between Mother Earth and the rest of the Universe. Interesting work - works of feeling...Thank You 
— Bonny Hartig
Your work is thought provoking, encouraging, mellow and lovely. I especially like your starburst canvas’ - it seems to call you to follow the light. Other pieces such as your Earth-like view impresses upon me how small we are in this universe. Finally enjoyed your collage like example - rugged and strong and of course enjoyed what I would call your Tetris piece - it beckons you to play the game. A one man show would be excellent...Extraordinary work and very thought provoking.
— Richard Pierce
Your work is result of deep thinking and is a meaningful contribution.
— Mohit Sharma
Gorgeous colours! My favourites are the first, second, third, fourth, sixth and eighth from the top. I think the sixth is my absolute favourite. Stunning work!
— Sarah Fordham
Fantastic works Lawrence! I love very much your work, all the colors are amazing.
— Joe Ganech
Lawrence, [your Untitled Project-Experiment] appeals to me on many different levels. The first being that I’m an old hippie and it makes me think of the Jefferson Airplane’s Embryonic Journey. The second is that it resounds with me having had brain surgery. Don’t cast this aside. It is too beautiful for that. The lines are deliberate and flow with grace as well as gusto; your color choices are excellent and the textures are just right. This would certainly be a part of my portfolio.
— Jace Mattson
I see a woman’s facial features, long dark hair and a childlike body with arms, legs, feet dressed in childlike clothing...sitting in the oval O that you have painted in red. The hands are closed into what looks like fists and the arms appear to be folded into one another. The woman’s mouth is a crooked one and does not seem to express happiness...sort of disturbed. Both eyes are uneven to one another and her nose (to me) appears of the masculine type. Please Lawrence, this is just my interpretation of what I see in your painting. It is unique and the color scheme you chose fits the painting. Magnificent Art!!! Each piece has its own uniqueness and beauty, Your lighting, composition and colors are amazing and your Project is Awesome! Awesome photography! The pictures in this Project of yours catch so much of what Nature has provided for us to view. Thank you for sharing your fantastic shots.
— Margaret A. Buono
A very creative and interesting technique of painting ....love the colours.
— T.Y. deMel
Excellent! [The photo of] the cemetery and skyscrapers has symbolic power in so many directions that I am beginning to get dizzy thinking about them.
— Jeff Reeve
Awesome... I loved it! Congratulations!
— Hoton Ventura
Lawrence is quite simply a great guy, smart and dedicated. When he worked for/with me as a production artist at the Maxfield Group, I could count on him to get the work done, always striving for better than good.
— David Wright
We hired Lawrence as a photographer to shoot an event for us. He understood the results we hoped to achieve and delivered exactly what we wanted. We were thrilled with the results, which exceeded our expectations by a wide margin.

Lawrence was punctual, delivered on time, and was a pleasure to work with throughout the project. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Ken Perkowski, Software Engineer at JDA Software
I’ve known Lawrence personally and professionally for many years and have always been impressed with his creativity and forward thinking approach to business projects and challenges. Lawrence has been successful at taking unique approaches to advertising with his company...to get much higher response rates. I have confidently referred many prospective advertisers from my business network to Lawrence Stevens for advertising assistance.
— Jon Reutinger, MCP, VSP Manager Business Solutions
Isn’t it neat how different the world looks when on foot? So much more intimate. These [images of homes on Swiss Avenue] are such Fantastic photos! I love that they are in B&W. Your story is very uplifting!
— Suzanne Howard