At Studio.LSS, we want to produce an exceptional experience for you — from the moment you contact us or meet us out and about in Fort Worth and Dallas. During your photo shoot and through the use and enjoyment of your finished images, we want you to look at your headshot or portrait and feel as if we captured you at your best.

We are available for in-studio, on-location shoots (customized packages available on request), as well as select social or corporate events.

Every photo we deliver goes through basic retouching, including: removal of dust or stray hairs on clothing, toning down highlights, opening up shadows, light acne or scar removal, and light removal of “wild” hairs that distract from the face. More intensive retouching is available at a charge of $30 per image.

Whether you need JPEG files for your website or framed prints, Studio.LSS can provide you everything you need.


You. Are. Good. Yes, you are! You might be in business, medicine, law, or you might be one of those fancy-shmancy creative types but you definitely stand out. Whatever your bent, you need to put your best foot forward with a professional headshot, not a snapshot taken by Uncle Larry last Thanksgiving.

From business or professional journals to mainstream media, from company websites to social media outlets, Studio.LSS will provide you with a set of photos that show you at your highest and best self and can be used however you choose — snagging that six-figure job or landing a multi-million-dollar deal.

We don’t rely on a standard studio setup. So our headshots don’t all look alike. We tailor everything to you. So, you’ll look like you own the joint even if you’re just applying for the job.


Do you see yourself in a way no photographer has ever been able to capture? We can bring that self-image to light — and to print. And, with your permission, we’ll show you a side of yourself you may not have noticed before.

You’ll have a great experience letting go and being yourself. Whether you let your hair down or put it up, we’ll capture you at your best.


You may want to frame and display our images of you in your office or home or give them to family and loved ones. We can help you choose the size, style and material to frame your Studio.LSS headshot or portrait. Competitive and timely, sizes and prices are available on request.