The southernmost state in México, Chiapas, is a verdant wonderland of geological and archeological treats. Take a one-hour flight from Mexico City (CdMX) to Palenque and you enter a completely different world from the chaotic, cosmopolitan environs of the capital city. Surprisingly — to us, anyway — CdMX is not the world's largest city, even with more than 21 million people in the metro area. It is constantly moving and shaking, sometimes literally. It has, after all, suffered a number of calamitous earthquakes. But we focus our lens on its neighbor to the southeast on this trip, the state of Chiapas, and the pueblas and cities of Palenque, Yaxchilan, Comitán, and San Cristóbal de las Casas, and the ruinas and sitios archeológicas near them.

As time allows, we'll add a narrative to guide you through this Mayan maze of images. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Mexico City

Mexico City (CdMX) is "YUGE." More densely packed than is imaginable, it may overload your senses. Interesting architecture, art, and completely different traffic flow are some of the things that will keep your head on a swivel. And, speaking of traffic flow, it does. . . except when it doesn't. With far fewer traffic signals, drivers are much more aggressive. The locals complain about the traffic, as they do everywhere, but it moves. Mostly.

There is an amazing amount of wealth in CdMX. The people who have it certainly dress the part. The US has become so casual over the past few decades that it was genuinely surprising to see people dressed professionally, as if they actually had respect for themselves and their clients. I liked it and realized how I have missed it in my own country.

But CdMX was only a jumping-off point. Next stop? Palenque.