Day 50.

Woodrow Wilson HS Track.

Running alone is just not the same as running with a partner. Saturday’s run with my friend, Monica, was inspiring because my average pace was 14:47. Not so great today. My pace was 15:50.

Again, I walked most of the course but sprinted the 100 yds down the backstretch of each lap (as close to sprinting as these stubby legs can carry me). Thirteen laps make it about a ¼ of the whole distance. I really need to get through this “injury” — I’m reluctant to call it that — so I can get my pace back down into the 13s. That’s where I was before I stretched this knee.

My goal is to consistently be running a 13-minute mile before the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. This 3-day setback has actually put me back a couple of weeks in terms of conditioning. But I’m back on my feet and making progress. And that I can’t complain about.

I’d still like to have a running buddy, so if you’re interested and run between a 14- and 15-minute mile, let me know. The company and the competition would be welcome. I have a few favorite courses but I’m open to new trails. Just be ready to get up early in order to start by 5:45 or so. Not a fan of running in the Texas heat.