Day 27.

I'm definitely feeling the effects of the Keto Flu — headache, nausea, fatigue. . . all of it. I'm trying to adhere to this Keto Diet as much as possible and the transition is. . . difficult, shall we say. I think I've not quite flipped into ketosis full time yet but I'm sure I will. Soon.

Today, due to an injury "off the field," my running partner couldn't make it this morning so I was left to my own devices to motivate myself to improve my time at Bachman Lake Trail. Which I did. By 18 seconds, moving my average pace downward to 15:36 and change. I've started running a minute, walking a minute. And, when I can, running for longer. Building up my lung power is tedious and difficult.

Obviously, I'm not blazing a trail here but I AM improving. When I started this process 4 weeks ago, my average pace was 17:50. Definite improvement. It just doesn't feel that way, day-to-day.

I feel like I've hit a plateau, however, my weight is steady at 170 (much more than I want to carry for 5 kilometers!) and I may need to get some training to break through this wall if I'm going to hit my goal of a personal record of 39:00 or faster for the Trot. 

Only 24 weeks left.