Day 25.

Good news/bad news today. I'm a little bummed out. Yep, it happens. Why? I got on the scale and my weight has bounced up a couple pounds to 172!

The good news is that I set a PR (personal record) of 49:56 at Bachman Lake Trail this morning. The bad news is that my average pace was lower than my PR at the Katy Trail — only 15:48, a full 30 seconds slower per mile. :(

The good news is that my distance at my target time of 39:00 has moved up a notch to 2.60 miles. The bad news is that I'm tired as all get out after my run. After doing some research, though, I think I may be eating too MUCH protein and NOT ENOUGH fat. After reaching this conclusion, I've decided to adhere more closely to the Keto diet and not wing it as much as I've been. I'll let you know how things change over the coming weeks.

One minor technical thing: The steps counter I'm using reads data from the phone's accelerometer. The distance it shows has continually been less than the distance I've run. I'm not sure how to fix this issue because the result comes from the phone, not the app.