Day 38.

Woodrow Wilson HS Track.

The Buddha said that all life is suffering. I believe it. In spite of all the great strides (no pun intended) that I’ve made this past month, each day is a struggle. Today was no different and I’m just starting at a different level than I was a month ago.

Today, I ran a 2-miler because of time constraints. I generally walk the first ¼ mile as a warm up so I end up doing a little math to figure out my pace for the first mile of running. I mention this because my average pace the first day I ran on Day 1 was 17:50. Today, my pace for the first mile was 13:23. And I felt like I was going to burst my lungs.

This is my point: When you’re in the paradigm, you can’t see the paradigm. In other words, it’s not easy to see the progress you’re making while you’re making that progress. And the lesson is, don’t give up. . . whatever you’re doing. Find something to measure your success in your work, your diet, your hobby, your relationship — and track it. 

Measure it daily and monitor it. Chart it if you want to. Be serious about following that one thing and use it as the gauge of how you’re doing in your work, your diet, your hobby, your relationship. Because if it doesn’t get better, it gets worse. Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics applies here: Without an outside influence, everything turns to crap. Or words to that effect. Be part of making it better.