Day 33.

Glen Rose.

It was a good run today. I got to spend some quality time with my niece, Whitney. And got to see her kids — Cash, Cadence, and Lyric — and her husband, Stephen. Not to mention my sister, Lorraine, and BIL, Mike. They're not exactly chopped liver. More like pâté de foie gras.

On a relatively flat 1-mile asphalt track around a park here in Glen Rose, Texas, Whit and I blazed a trail and — with her very considerable help as my “rabbit” — I set a new PR. A 46:44 5K. That's an age-graded time of 35:37. Woohoooo! On my way to a 39:00/29:43 5K.

I say it was good because the stretches where I ran were longer than I had run previously and that’s always a good thing. I’m still not quite back to running the entire distance yet. But I will be soon. I can feel it. I’ve got almost 25 years on Whit and she wasn’t even breathing hard as she bird dogged me around the course. That’s my goal…or part of it. I want to not be quite so spent when I finish my run.

I’m going to see Dr John on Tuesday to do blood work and talk about meds, particularly those that I can back off from. Getting all that taken care of and working on techniques that gain me more seconds on the clock are all part of the process. The weight loss is helping, too, I’m sure. I’m down to 168 lbs. as of yesterday with more to come. The less weight I carry, the faster I can go. So, just sayin’.

One more day under the belt. A notch closer to the 2018 YMCA Turkey Trot.