Day 32.

Boy, am I glad today was Legs Day! Sleep was elusive at best and I didn't nod off until the wee hours. Came 4:30am, when Reveille usually goes off I was just about nodding off. So, no run. But, unlike some people, I look forward to Legs Day.

And, as it turned out, it was a good thing, indeed. I met this young guy at Reverchon with whom I struck up a conversation and he gave me the name of an art group that I need to check out. Everything happens for a reason, right?

So, my legs are going to be doubly sore tomorrow after doing the wind sprints yesterday at Woodrow Wilson HS. Tomorrow, I'm getting up early to drive to Glen Rose to run with my niece, Whitney (and maybe her husband, Stephen, and son, Cash) all of whom will undoubtedly kick my ass. 

I'm off to bed. Writing that sentence at 6:53pm is way beyond weird. It's like going to bed in the middle of the day! But disciplined I am. May the Force be with you!