Day 2.

Grin and bear it. Pushing a little harder today. A brisker walking pace and a little light jogging improved my time about 5%. And I nearly got run over by a bicyclist not paying attention. A moron on wheels! Or a Brit, riding on the wrong side. 😉

My running partner couldn't make it the last couple days so I'm looking for someone join me at 5:30 every morning (or whatever your schedule permits) and who wants to start slow, but with the goal of running a the 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day in downtown Dallas. Anyone interested? Anyone? Buehler? 

It's just a hair over 3 miles around Bachman Lake. Start off walking and be jogging a bit after a week. No rushing. The goal is fitness, not winning the race. Give me a shout. I've got short, stubby legs so I'm never going to burn up the course. You should be similar so neither of us holds the other back.