Day 13. 

The company was good this morning. My friend and former trainer, Monica, joined me this morning. She’s a tiny thing but mighty. And speedy. I have to, occasionally, put a light hand on her shoulder to keep her from outpacing me over Bachman’s 3.17 miles. Otherwise, she’d leave me in the dust!

Today was a bit of a challenge. Not yet at the point where I can jog or run more than about 40% of the course (on a good day), at just before mile marker 1, I tried jogging and pulled up after 75 yards with a pull in the muscle or connective tissue just above my knee. Repeated attempts gave the same result. So, we pretty much power-walked the 3 miles. 

Not wanting to encourage an injury-in-the-making, I’m putting ice on my knee over the weekend to calm down whatever’s going on. 

So...a bit of good news. I’m now down 6 pounds over the past 2 weeks, which means between the walking/running 6 days a week and eating a high protein/high fat Keto diet, something is working. 

Speaking of Keto, it’s been hard adjusting to life without carbs. Potatoes, pasta, and pancakes were part of my diet, I’m embarrassed to say, but no longer play more than a minuscule, “cheat-day” role. Part of my difficulty is coming up with new and interesting ways to eat HP/HF meals. Time to use the Internet for its intended purpose — to find recipes! Go Google! Go Google! Go Google! 

I’m taking Monday off but I’m back at it on Tuesday at the Katy Trail. 5:30am to stretch. 5:50 to start. Join us at Reverchon Park and walk your ass off!