Day 12. 

It’s interesting how my body changes and adapts to new conditions. Today at the 2-mile mark roughly, my feet started to tingle and they continue to tingle for the rest of the run. Not sure what that’s about. The obvious choice doesn’t seem likely and that is, that I tied my shoes too tightly. Doesn’t feel that way.

The other possibility is my breathing. I may have fallen into a breathing rate that became hyperventilation. The really weird thing is that toward the endof my cool-down, I stretched my shoulders and the area between my shoulder blades was completely numb. Has anyone ever experienced this? It’s a very odd sensation. 

The cool-down (about a ½ mile) is something I’ve decided to do to do the obvious but also to get my step count over my current goal of 8500. I’ve been just under that since I started this. Can’t hurt to burn a few more calories, right?

I think I might switch to the Katy Trail next week for a bit for a little variety. Starting from Reverchon Park up to Fitzhugh and back is about 3-½ miles if I remember correctly. It’s also a bit flatter. Think I might do some wind sprints. Such as they are for an old man! ;) Join me at 5:30am starting next Monday.