Day 10. 

Dropped another pound since starting my training. I'm down to 176. That's way too much for my size. Shooting for a 30 lb. weight loss by Thanksgiving. I want to get down to 145-150 lbs.

Staying on this High Protein/Low Carb/High Fat diet is more difficult than I thought. Not having my fruit (oranges, apples, and grapes) to feed the "monster", I'm starting to get a bit antsy about the whole thing. BUT. . . I'm determined to stay the course.

Today, I jogged more than I have since I started this training regimen, even ran a bit. Probably, a good 40-50% I'd estimate. It's a bit more each day. The transition from walking to running has been easier than I expected, certainly easier than it was 18 months ago. I'm looking at getting my average time for Bachman Lake Trail (3.17 miles) down to less than 50 minutes every day by the end of next week. That's roughly a 15:48 mile. It's also way off my pace of 11:44 from the Turkey Trot 18 months ago. So, I still have quite a way to go to beat that pace.

The good news is that I have 6 months to train. I only trained for 3 months back then. With these short, stubby, little legs, I'm never going to set any records (other than personal records). That said, my goal is to get healthy and stay healthy.