Day 29.

Today is both a day of rest and a day of fasting.

Yesterday, I spent the day with Mom, as I do on most Sundays. Trouble is, brunch at her facility is rather limited and pretty much not Keto-friendly. I tried to fatten things up by having the cook prepare my omelet with butter but it was mostly a feast of protein, almost no carbs, and a bit of fat. Still, not exactly a perfect Keto meal.

On my way home, I stopped for gas and bought road food (a personal weakness). At least I made an effort to make my snacks Keto-compliant. I bought a bottle of Muscle Milk (40g of protein and a bit of fat), a couple of Macrobars, and some pork rinds (chicharrones), about the only food of its type that I've found with virtually zero carbs and a modicum of fat and protein. I thought, Meh, I'll get back on track with this on my way back home. 

Doesn't get much more delusional. By the time I got home, I was nauseous, bloated, and not feeling well at all. I didn't sleep well at all — couldn't sleep until almost 12 (I go to bed at 8:30 to rise at 4:30) — and simply couldn't get up to run this morning when the alarm went off.

So, today is a day to push the reset button. Rest. Fast. Cleanse. Rinse. Repeat. Tomorrow, I'll not only get back on track with my diet and my training. Some good news: I went to bed at 172 lbs and weighed 168 this morning after my shower. So, there's that.

What this experience has made me realized is, if I'm going to do this Keto Diet, I need to commit to it all the way and not just fly by the seat-of-my-pants. For now, lots of water and rest. Tomorrow's another day.