Running Late

Okay, so our itinerary is a tad ambitious. We haven’t quite figured this out yet — the how of doing all this — and it’s taking us longer than we expected. 

That’s normal, we suppose. Nonetheless, it’s frustrating. Combine that with forgetting to pack one of our meds and having to go through a process to get it replaced on the road and I’ve ended up with a bit of a “time-suck.”

So, I’m adjusting our itinerary to help us get back on schedule. So long, Paducah. You’ll never know how much we wanted to meet you. But the sweet siren song of Memphis Blues is calling our name. That and we can only be out on the road for about three weeks.

OUCH! Ripping that bandage off was painful. However, something had to give. we should have been in Nashville by now and we’re still in Benton, Arkansas. So, we gotta get moving.

We’ll try to update later. Perhaps, we can dictate something on the road to post on Facebook. Just in case you don’t have it, you can find us at

For now. . . that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

Oh! Yesterday was fantastic! Be sure to listen to Notes From The Road #3 for details.