MPF: Multiple Points of Failure

Where are we NOW?

Still at home. Leaving tomorrow.

The stress has been building for a week. Our road trip to film people across the South giving their opinions on the 2016 has any number of elements, and the failure of just one can stop everything in its tracks.

We were hoping to be able to leave bright and early Monday morning, April 4th. That's part of the stress. With so much going into making this trip successful, there was bound to be a hitch in our gitalong. 


While checking our equipment to make sure everything was working properly, we discovered a problem with the audio chain: It didn't work. The challenge in finding the source of the failure was compounded by the fact that several links in the chain seemed to be affected, each with their own troubleshooting methods.

We'll spare you the details. . . (I'm sorry, did I just hear a collective sigh of relief?)  The point of all this is to tell you that the start of our 3-week-long road trip has been delayed. A few hours at the least. A full day at most. Doesn't sound like much but it's been enough to knock us off balance.

Perhaps it's for the best, though. We tend to get a bit manic when rushing hither and yon to pull all the pieces together and this could serve as a little speed bump to slow us down, in the end making us a little more deliberate in our actions and more conscious of what we're doing.