Louisville Slugs One Outta the Park

What a couple of days! Played catch-up with our old friend, Gary, yesterday and today. It's been nearly 40 years since we saw each other last. Great to reminisce and talk about what we've been doing over the past few decades.

And he helped us out this afternoon with shooting interviews at Cumberland Brews, a small bar on Bardstown Road in Louisville. He made the remark, as we left with all the gear in tow, that "this video stuff makes radio look easy!" He's right. I'm finding this film project — and, particularly, doing it alone — to be the some of the most challenging work I've done.

Tomorrow, after we offload all — or, at least, most — of the equipment in the truck and repack it, we'll tool around Louisville for a while and shoot some B-roll of the city. We haven't really seen a lot of it but what we have has been quite impressive. Louisville is an old city and has some interesting characteristics that give it a unique feel. A couple things that I like a lot are the twisty, windy roads, and the businesses and houses in the area I've stayed (the Highlands) are not square to the street. And most all are zero-lot-line. It's much more interesting than everything built square on.

It's on to Charleston, West Virginia tomorrow afternoon. We need to bone up on the city to learn a bit about it. Maybe we can find some subjects there who are as well-spoken and informed as those in Louisville.

Thanks, Gary, for a wonderful time. You're a wonderful host and an even better friend. I'm really grateful for your help and for giving me space to be a little cranky, a little manic, and a little disorganized. Speaking for myself and not the team, I look forward to the next time we get together.  Hope that's not 40 years away! See you soon, buddy.