"We" Are In This Together

Several people have commented on my use of the editorial "we" as I write about this trip and the film.

In all honesty, this trip and this film could not have happened without the help of a good number of people. I've had people help write the questions that I'm asking the subjects I’m interviewing. I have friends who have been giving me advice on equipment and other technical matters. I have friends who are advising me on how to take care of myself on the road. Even my cat sitter is helping me by giving me greater peace of mind about the well-being of my cat while I'm gone. So this is very much a team effort.

As they say, there is no "I" in team. Everything I'm doing I'm doing with the help of several people so if I use the editorial "we" it's because this isn't just about what I am doing, personally. It includes the efforts of a great number of people, for whose help I am extremely grateful. And that is why I use the editorial "we."