Lessons. Always Lessons.

We decided not too long ago that we had the skills to pull off a one-man "production band" for this film and hit the road with some equipment (both too much and not enough), an idea, a little money, and more gumption than good sense.


We're not sure if we would call it arrogance (notice it's we who are saying that) or if it's simply being cocksure of ourselves. What we can say with some certainty is that we are humbled by the amount of skill and talent it takes to make a film. It's called a collaborative medium for a reason.

Today was a bit of a challenge. For whatever reason, we settled on using Charles Vergo's Rendezvous Barbecue in Memphis for our latest stop. Big crowds, easy pickin's for finding interview subjects. We even double-booked ourselves at another fine establishment, the Arcade Restaurant, Memphis' oldest eatery for only a couple hours later.

Turns out the crowd size worked against us on all fronts: time, access, apathy, and sound quality. There may be something we can do with the sound but the other three items are definitely going to be things to be careful about going forward. 

That's about all we can muster to write as an update. It's 1:30am and we are very tired.

More tomorrow. . .