The Countdown Begins. . .


We’re so close to embarking on our 2016 Southern State Political Tour that we’re counting the minutes. Hence the clock. So, for all of you wanting to know when we are leaving, simply check in with us here for the current schedule. The clock will always be at the top of the current blog. We're planning a three-week tour. You can do the math on our return. But we'll probably have a countdown for that, as well, once we're underway.

If you're just now finding out about our little jaunt around the South, here are the basics: 1) 15 Southern states; 2) God only knows how many cities, towns, and hamlets; 3) 4200+ miles of Interstate, US, and State highways; and 4) 3 weeks long. We'll be shooting a documentary film on the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign with little budget and no help. We're calling it, "Who Do You Love?" It's all us, dear reader, and we invite you to tag along, keep up with our progress, and make suggestions or comments, referrals for people, places, and things to be on the lookout for along the way.

As usual, we've waited to the last minute to take care of too many items on our checklist. (Typical!) Though this may cause some difficulties initially, we don't expect it will matter much in the end as long as we have the basics covered. The real challenge, on every one of our road trips, is to keep from over-packing. A special shout out to our friend from Monterrey, Mexico, Marite (Mah-ree-tay) Noval, who helped us nail down our itinerary in the last couple days.

Our friend, Gary Guthrie, an old radio buddy, is planning to meet with us in Louisville, Kentucky to play catch-up after nearly 40 years. And a high school friend, Diane Guthrie (no relation) and her husband, James, have offered us a cozy corner to curl up in for a good night's sleep when we get near Atlanta on our travels.

Please comment, below, or on Facebook, and subscribe to our upcoming newsletter. A project like this takes a lot of time, money, and effort, and we'd like to know who is following us. Be sure to SHARE our adventure on Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag, #WhoDoYouLoveFilm

Much prep tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.