Road Trip and a Half

More Like Half a Road Trip

My trip out west ended abruptly Friday morning and I headed back home from Flagstaff. Let me tell you. . . that is one long drive. I can't claim to have driven non-stop, however. I stopped in Albuquerque for a couple hours to visit with a friend I met on last year's road trip, Pratt Morales. He and his son, Chris, own Golden Crown Panaderia. At 77, he has so much energy and passion for his business that he puts me to shame.

I hit the road around 8:30p Friday night and arrived in Dallas about 12 hours later, tired and slightly worse for the wear. A quick check with my landlady two doors down explained why my stove was pulled out. No gas. Which also meant no hot water. As I write this blog post, the gas is still off and they're trying to find a leak. I'm not the only one affected — though, it's of little consolation — the gas company is putting in new lines up and down my block and repairing problems during the process.

Nevertheless, I haven't had a hot shower since Friday morning and I'm contemplating going back out on the road just to find a decent hotel that's reasonably priced so I can relax in a long, hot bath. Oh well, the cold showers are bracing if nothing else. But it certainly doesn't do my disposition much good.

However, it has given me plenty of time to sit and process what few images I was able to shoot during my trip. A few are pretty good, I think. I've shown you JPEGs of a few of them while I've been on the road. Those were straight out of the camera. After tweaking in Lightroom and/or Photoshop, I think I've got something worth writing home about. If I weren't already home, I might even respond to my own letters.

This was a too short road trip and coming home early has left me hungry for more. Perhaps there's another trip in me later this year. I'm not sure where but I've always wanted to head up to the Ozarks to photograph the change in season.

Nearly all these photographs are for sale. Please inquire here. Aspect ratios will differ slightly but, for example, an image that will fit on a 16 x 20 sheet is an affordable $295 (plus tax and S&H). All images are unframed and unmounted.

Please, be patient. Depending on your system and your Internet connection, it may take a bit to for the thumbnails to load.

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