Headed to El Paso after a long day. I'm staying at the same boutique hotel I stayed at last year — Soluna Hotel. Lovely place. Freshened up and went to a restaurant, at the suggestion of the desk clerk, Josie. It's called Carlos & Mickey's and I had a wonderful baked cod veracruzana. Delicioso!

Came outside right at sunset and was reminded how beautiful the light is here in EP. So I grabbed my camera and shot some stock images of clouds of the gray and white variety. I'm constantly needing them to replace "bald" skies; that is, when the sky is completely blue and boring.

Clouds for a rainy day

Clouds for a rainy day

Think I'll go by El Paso High School in the morning to re-shoot it. Last year, it was a gray, overcast day and the lighting was really flat. Unfortunately, sunrise is at 6:01am. Which means, I need to be up by 5am. (!!!)

Not sure what else I'll shoot. I may upload some images while I have a fairly fast Wi-Fi. In any event, checkout is at 12 and I probably will hit the road toward Tucson.