ROAD TRIP - DAY 9 - On to Amarillo


Let's be very honest (and by "Let's" I mean "Let me") about my time in Amarillo: I didn't expect much. What I got was a whole lotta sump'n. When I arrived, I thought, Sleepy little town, quiet Saturday afternoon, no one around. And slowly, it started to bubble. Until it started boiling! And boil it did once things got underway.

Happy State Bank (Love that name!)

Amarillo Globe-News

Santa Fe

Paramount Theater

Things of course meant a road rally, of sorts, that included everything from Model A's to Dodge Vipers, motorcycles and the requisite motorcycle mamas, home-brew restorations and customizations of all sorts. Everyone I approached was beyond helpful and agreeable, some went out of their way to help me make some terrific photos. Thank you Amarillo!

My old friend, Warren, corrected me. This is a '57 210 Single-post Chevy, not an Ol' 55. My bad.

Now, I realize that a celebratory road rally with cars circling a 6 x 2 block area is not really about architecture. And you'd be right in calling me on that fact. But, sometimes, a boy just gotta have fun with some toys. In the meantime, I did make an effort to shoot a number of the buildings downtown and even was able to combine the two.

Having Fun at the Center City Road Rally in Amarillo

Petroleum Building / Dirt Track Racer

Custom Hot Rod

On my way back to the truck, I passed by the Paramount Theater again. After dark, the neon does what it was intended — it makes the theater look like a Technicolor® Palace. As tired as I was from a very long day, I couldn't pass this one by and not shoot it. You can almost smell the popcorn!

Paramount Theater at night

Before I forget, my thanks to Jacob Rincon, a young guy with a very cool ride who went out of his way to make it possible for me to use my flash -- he rode to the store some 8 blocks away, roundtrip, to buy some double-AA's for my flash, a walk I probably wouldn't have made loaded down with 30 pounds of camera gear. Thank you Jacob!

My new buddy, Jacob Rincon, and his ride

Next stop, Ooooooooooooklahoma City.