ROAD TRIP - DAY 8 & 9 - Albuquerque & Tucumcari


UPDATED 8/4/14


Approaching Albuquerque overnight, I felt the strong urge to pull over and sleep. Crawling into the back of my FJ Cruiser, I tossed a bit to get comfortable and I remember taking off my glasses. When I awoke, in the semi-dark of the interior lights, I could not find them. Still can't in the light of day. So, I'm working at a disadvantage. But they're somewhere in the truck. It may take completely unloading and going through every item with a fine tooth comb. Ahhh, adventures of being on the road.

Found a few places of interest this morning, including The Hotel Blue, an early-60s mid-century modern structure that has been through a succession of owners. Nonetheless, I asked to photograph the place and they acquiesced.

The Hotel Blue lobby

The Hotel Blue edifice

The Hotel Blue sign

I'm falling desperately behind in blogging about this road trip. So, let's do a quick blast and get caught up.

Albuquerque was a total blast! Let's just cut to some of the pics and I'll update when I have more time; I'm burning daylight here in OKC.

Lofts (I think. It was very early.)

UNM - School of Architecture and Planning

Route 66 Diner

Just so you know, I plan to create not only a galley that's more comprehensive in nature but a more thoughtful commentary about the architecture I'm photographing. The diner above is one of those items that needs some thought before I start spouting off about its style. But I do enjoy the beauty of its curves and the multi-layered nature of its construction.

During my stay in ABQ, I met a delightful baker named Pratt Morales, who, at 75 is in better shape than I am and makes a delicious apple empanada. I had the pleasure of spending a few hours at his shop, Golden Crown Panaderia, updating this blog and post processing images I had taken earlier. Pratt was kind enough to pose for a few photos.

Pratt Morales of the Golden Crown Panaderia makes these beautiful cilantro loaves every day. Delicious!

The very strange thing is that his son, Chris, dances and teaches Argentine Tango in Albuquerque and knows many of the same people I know back in Dallas and Austin. (The Tango community is very small.) I could swear that I've met him before back in Dallas.

Finishing up in Albuquerque, we hit the road, only to be stopped by the sandman at a little town on old Route 66 called Tucumcari.


Tucumcari, NM has quite storied history as a stop along the journey from Chicago to L.A. on the old US Highway 66, or Route 66, as it was known in the day. Trying to recapture some of its former fun and glory, there are motels and other businesses that are throwbacks to the style of the 50s, before the Interstate Highway System eventually bypassed them for a more direct, faster, and "cleaner" driving experience. Me? I plan to go back there to stay at the Blue Swallow Motel.

The Blue Swallow Motel

Garage at The Blue Swallow Motel (Who does this anymore?!?)

Blue Swallow Motel patio furniture

Tucumcari Tonite! mural

Dennis & Mike advised me where to look for interesting architecture

Del's Restaurant

Kix 66 — Fantastic breakfast!