Houston is surprising on a number of levels. First of all, it is a MUCH bigger ciy than Dallas, far more convoluted, and I have yet to discern a logical layout to the city. It's also denser. Not just in population but in terms of the businesses and buildings and whatnot all crammed together. If it were Dallas the city would be physically twice as big. It's amazing how they cram so much into so little space.

And it's alive! Driving through downtown this evening looking for photographic opportunities I saw more people doing more different things than I could possibly have imagined.

You'll notice that I'm not adding any photos to my photo blog. I'm still having a bit of an issue transferring JPEGs from the card in my camera to my iPad and eventually the website I'll try to figure this out because what's a photo blog without photographs? Right?

I'm finding a wealth of opportunities for taking photographs, architecturally speaking. After all, that's what this tour's all about, right?

I shot some photographs of the museum district right around sunset and we'll see how those turn out. Finally, I had some soup at a Vietnamese restaurant (rather mediocre) and found a real hotel to stay in for the night. Dead tired after a long, hot, humid (but productive) day. Night-night!